My art & design studio, which I started in 1996 after working as Art Director for Alaska Magazine, is located in Eagle River, Alaska. With more than 18 years experience in my field, I have produced nationally published, award-winning designs, including publication and book design, product packaging, corporate identity, brochures, collateral pieces, and print ads. And I have worked on national, high profile accounts. I also illustrate Alaska wildlife and whatever happens to capture my imagination and have limited edition prints available for purchase in my online gallery.  

Before moving to Alaska in 1994, I grew up in Alabama and worked in Atlanta, Georgia, and later in the San Francisco Bay area. Even though Alaska is my home, I will always be a Southerner at heart! I love the Old South traditions of cooking, hospitality, storytelling, and of sharing. You could say my approach to life is best described by the words of the ancient poet Rumi:  Let the beauty you love be what you do.

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